Raspberry Pi HPC Computing

A Raspberry Pi Cluster

Recently I acquired a Raspberry Pi 4 and decided to build a tiny computer cluster out of it. The goal is to do play around a bit with parallel computing technology. Some of the things that I will try out are

  • MPI in Fortran
  • Coarray Fortran
  • Parallel computing with julia

The Hardware

The cluster consists of the following parts (see image above).

  • 1 Raspberry 4 Model B (2GB) equipped with a 16GB MicroSD Card
  • 1 Cluster HAT v2.5
  • 4 Raspberry Pi Zeros W (each with a 16GB MicroSD Card)
  • A pretty case and some cables

The Setup

The software for the cluster is available here. I chose the full cbridge variant which is Debian based. Additionally I enabled SSH and rdp, so that I can attach the cluster to my network and access it from my main machines at home.

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