An IoT Weather Station

A weather station with a web frontend

My Development Environment (follow-up)

A short overview on how I set up a CI/CD/CT strategy and tried a docs as code model.

My Development Environment

My development environment for most of my programming work.

Designing Neural Networks in Mathematica

Implementing LeNet for MNist in Wolfram Mathematica

Optical Flow Compression Code

The matlab code for computing optimal optical flow masks for compression is avaible here. Note that the code is hardly documented and provided “as-is”. The code is released under a GPL v3 licence (unless specified differently).

Raspberry Pi HPC Computing

Recently I acquired a Raspberry Pi 4 and decided to build a tiny computer cluster out of it. The goal is to do play around a bit with parallel computing technology.

How To Create Julia Apps

A simple step by step guide to create a julia app

How To Create Julia Packages

A simple step by step guide to create a julia package

Image processing

Besides my research in computer vision related tasks such as optical flow, photometric stereo, and shape matching and my focus on PDE-based compression, I have also ventured in other image processing tasks.

Machine Learning

I have used machine learning techniques in various projects. Our most successful applications were in the context of quantizing colour values for optimized inpainting and in accoustic source characterizations. Source Code The source code for clustering methods used for quantizing optimal masks can be found here.