Optical Flow Computation

Sample Optical Flow

I’ve developed optimization algorithms for variational optical flow models based on the split Bregman algorithm in my Master thesis. A follow-up investigation on the necessity of certain intermediate filtering steps was published at the EMMCVPR 2011. I’ve also shown that the optical flow can be used in the context of partial differential equation based image compression. The results were presented in two publications at the SSVM 2019 and in the Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision.

Source Code

The code for the optical flow computation using the split Bregman iteration is available as a zip archive. All functions are implemented in plain C. Please note that the source code is missing essential parts to which I do not have the rights to publish them. Thus, the provided code does not compile! I have no plans using this code anymore. Therefore, there won’t be any updates or changes on it. The code is licensed under a 3 clause BSD Licence.

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